IN THE PRESS: The Banking Bazaar and the Bizarre Banker by Chris Skinner

We were proud to be mentioned in Chris Skinners blog post about fintech startups creating financial marketplaces for banks and FI’s.

“Right now, there are few players in the open bazaar of financial marketplaces offering a level playing field of platforms and interoperability.  I can name only a couple of banks, specifically PrivatBank and Saxo Bank.  I can name more new entrant banks who are in this space, such as Fidor TecS and Solaris Bank.  Then there are the FinTech start-ups moving into this area, such as Thought Machine and Leveris.   These are all players who are building technology marketplaces to provide interoperable apps, analytics, APIs and more as platforms for both the bank and third parties who engage in their communities.  They are different.  They understand the orchestra and how to be a conductor.”


You can read the full article here


I am Head of Marketing at Leveris. I write about the value of technology and data in financial services and how they are changing the way people use and manage money.

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