Aidan Lawlor

I am Head of Marketing at Leveris. I write about the value of technology and data in financial services and how they are changing the way people use and manage money.

The bank of 2020 Part 2

In Part 1 we talked about the evolution of different industries, how they have adapted to change and how they did it by building a marketplace for others to earn value. In part 2 we look at how traditional banks can fight back against the neo banks and niche players who are eating into their profit margin. And ultimately, what a bank of the future might look like.

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The bank of 2020 Part 1

In this post we talk about the evolution of different industries and how they have adapted to change by creating platforms. We also look at what users expect from a bank and how they are now more than ever prone to switch banks if a new and better alternative becomes available.

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Meet the master builders…

We are a software company who have built a full-service, modular, banking-as-a-platform (BaaP) solution for traditional banks, new market entrants, and any consumer brand who wants to enter the banking and lending space. Want to know more? Come meet the master builders.

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